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The new marine hybrid system from MAN uses the existing range of diesel engines as the base to developing a hybrid package to suit each individual boating situation.

We are extending the range of options for designing marine drive systems.

The modularity of the hybrid systems is the factor that enables MAN to meet the wide range of drive requirements. This applies equally to yachts and work boats.

MAN Smart HYBRID Experience

Providing the best drive solution in every case. Thanks to the flexible combination of diesel engines and electric motors and the addition of components such as batteries and/or on-board units, the MAN Smart HYBRID Experience allows for a solution to be flexibly configured and optimised.


MAN is the first engine supplier to offer a complete hybrid system from a single source. MAN supports shipyards and boat designers from the planning and concept phase through development, consultation on installation and technical implementation including control software, to service and maintenance.

Please see the graphics below (click on them to zoom in) and explore the different modes to understand how the system works.


MAN support:

And the MAN Smart HYBRID Experience is even more than the perfect drive solution:

The MAN Smart HYBRID Experience integrates all essential components of the energy supply and electrical consumers into a common management system. With its customer-friendly interface, MAN Engines offers the complete solution for on-board energy supply.


Hybrid driving couldn’t be easier or more convenient: With the MAN Smart HYBRID Experience, you can switch between all operating modes without interrupting power. The MAN Smart HYBRID Experience automatically adjusts the engine speeds between conventional and electric drive modes. All you have to do is select the operating mode and confirm it. It can be that simple when the best of conventional drives is combined with batteries.


Hybrid Boost Mode

In hybrid boost mode, the combustion engines and battery-operated electric motors work together and complement each other. If power is needed, the electric motor provides energy from its power reserves. Boost mode therefore offers the highest power density and permits maximum power output. Combined operation of the 12-cylinder diesel engine and electrical drive thus makes it possible to achieve an output that corresponds to that of a pure 16-cylinder engine.

Hybrid Zero Emission Mode

No emissions and ultra-quiet – in Zero Emission mode, the energy for propulsion and electrical power consumption is provided exclusively by the battery. The battery can be charged in three ways: land connection in the harbour, on-board generator sets or main drive engines

Hybrid Cross-over Mode

In Cross-over mode, both drivelines are operated in different operating modes in a two-engine system. Here, one driveline operates in diesel mode, while the electric motor functions as a generator and supplies the electric power for the boat. In the second driveline, the diesel engine is disengaged so that the electric machine receives its energy from the first diesel engine. It operates in motor mode in this case and provides the drive energy.

Diesel Electric Mode

In Diesel-Electric mode, the electrical power supply and drive power are provided by the available on-board generator sets, supported by the battery. This reduces the amount of time that the boat runs on the main drive engines.

Hybrid Hotel Mode

In the convenient Hotel mode, the power supply is provided only by the battery and the diesel engines are switched off. The innovative technology ensures that power consumption is possible for an extended period without diesel engines. Independently of this, the batteries can be charged in parallel via a charging connection.

Diesel Mode

In classic diesel mode, the drive energy is provided by the conventional diesel engine or diesel engines in multi-engine systems. In this mode, the electric motor runs without any function and no power is generated. In diesel mode, electricity can also be generated to charge the batteries. When this happens, the boat spends less time powered by the gensets.


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