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MAN Engines -
Off Highway - Construction and Special Machinery

MAN Engines - Off Highway - Construction and Special Machinery



MAN partner with world leading OEM's across many specialist vehicle categories.

OEM’s of high quality product enjoy the significant advantages and benefits of MAN engines, providing high value and returns to operators and owners.

Efficient MAN engines are valued for their high power density and economical long-term usage in compliance with global emission standards. 

Numerous power ratings are available with a steep torque increase and a flat torque curve at low speeds.
As an independent engine manufacturer, MAN supplies the perfect fit for every system environment.

Some OEM’s with MAN engines in their product range include:


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NOTE - Diagnostic Equipment

MAN Engines in these applications will typically need a specialised computer connection to properly diagnose faults.

We are the only company in Australia with this computer and connection.

Don’t waste your time with another company who will eventually have to walk away from your job because they don’t have the proper diagnostic computer equipment.


MAN is a large company with many divisions and business units, operating in most countries around the world.
Consequently, it can be difficult to find the right MAN division for you. 

However, every division benefits from MAN’s commitment to excellence, innovation and high quality technologically advanced products, delivering users a host of advantages for efficient, low cost, reliable operation. 

Here is a quick snapshot:

MAN Energy Systems
and Prime Serv

Engines tend to be 3000kW and above, serving large scale and industrial projects.
Typically low speed and 2 stroke.


Smaller engines in MAN ES range start to cross over with the larger models provided by Marine and Off Highway. 


 Industries include interests in:

Global website:

Australian website:


MAN Truck and Bus
“On Highway”

Full support of all MAN vehicles for on highway applications, typically truck and bus. Trucks and cabs


Buses and Chassis


Second hand vehicles


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MAN High Speed Marine
MAN “Off Highway”

Representing Engines and equipment of up to 1600kW / 2400hp,  6 cylinder, V8 and V12 models. 


Larger range can start to cross over with smaller range offered by MAN Energy Systems

Key Markets:

Australian websites:

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