Lamborghini choose MAN V12

Lamborghini choose MAN V12

The Italian car company renowned for design excellence and performance pulls out all stops in its latest collaboration with Tecnomar Yachts. Far from being a one-off, the companies have found common ground and a shared joy in creating this showpiece 63 foot, ultra fast luxury cruiser.

On board, one can be excused for thinking they are in the land based version of a Lambo, with nods to car design everywhere, from dashboard graphics, to start stop buttons, seatbelts, steering wheel and leather seats. This is a Lamborghini after all, with the design team seeking to integrate the low profile and fighter pilot feeling the marque is famous for.

To elicit the best in performance, the structure contains elements of carbon fibre, achieving weight savings to bring it into the realm of the superlight. With 4000hp provided by twin MAN V12 diesel engines, a casual weekend joy ride can see you moving the needle past an awesome 60 knots.

There can be no doubt the team at Tecnomar had their choice of engines from every manufacturer to take the place of a Lamborghini power plant in this marine environment. The unrivaled low weight, compact size and ability to generate extraordinary power at low revs is key to MAN being chosen to be replicate Lamborghini on the water. 

If you’d like to see a boat review video, click here.  

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