Hydrogen Dual Fuel

Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel marine engines are here

MAN are proud to release a new model engine, capable of operating on both diesel and hydrogen fuel mode. Based on the existing V12 D2862, operators can now enjoy the benefits of the world’s best engine technology with the flexibility of interchanging fuel supply to suit your supply situation. 

Customer benefits


  • Up to 80% less CO2 emissions compared to the diesel engine.
  • Full power is maintained – just as powerful and reliable as the diesel engine.
  • Flexible fuel use – operate either as diesel only or diesel-hydrogen mode.
  • Uninterrupted operation – switch seamlessly from diesel only to diesel-hydrogen, even if the hydrogen supply is interrupted or the tank is empty.
What’s special about the technology on MAN Engines is that we use a conventional diesel engine, which doesn’t need to be optimised for hydrogen.
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A quick look...

How it works  

In a type of pretreatment, a precisely measured quantity

of hydrogen is added to the charge air. This mixture

of hydrogen and air is then ignited in the combustion

chamber of the cylinders using the injected diesel fuel.

Depending on the operating point of the engine, only a

very small amount of diesel fuel is required.


For this reason, significantly less CO2 occurs in the

exhaust gas in dual fuel mode. With a typical collective

daily load of a working boat, CO2 emissions can

be expected to be around 50% lower. Particulate and

nitrogen oxide emissions can also be reduced.

Hydrogen powered crew transfer vessel already in operation 


The world’s first hydrogen powered crew transfer vessel, Hydrocat 48 features dual-fuel engines supplied by MAN Engines that are retrofitted by CMB.TECH with a hydrogen injection system.


Windcat Workboats managing director Willem van der Wel said, “This vessel offers the industry a cost-effective solution to significantly reduce emissions. It can be applied on any windfarm today.

“This solution is a stepping stone to fully hydrogen-powered CTVs.”

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Dual Fuel provides operators with the best of both worlds. Whether you’re working in an environmentally fragile location, you’re concerned with emissions or have a desire to be at the forefront of the new wave of power, MAN are unbeatable partner. A global presence with billions of dollars invested in research and development across the entire Hydrogen industry, we can help put you on a sustainable path forward.


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