MAN Engines

Seapower is proud to be the sole authorised importer of MAN engines for Australia and New Zealand. Without doubt, MAN stands for extremely high quality and owners and operators who recognise this, enjoy the benefits that MAN offers.

When it comes to the safety and lives of people at sea, our customers tell us they want reliability and consistent performance from an engine. Our robust lightweights will impress you here in every aspect and in any application.

Consider the benefits of MAN engines

Low fuel consumption – With high quality comes fuel efficiency. MAN is typically best in class in fuel consumption. Fuel is a critical element of operating costs, especially for commercial operators. There are a number of factors the drive our low fuel consumption and vessel performance. Talk to us.


Dependable power – MAN engines deliver maximum efficiency at maximum torque, early in the rev range. (This is a contributor to fuel savings). Full power is developed even in the low speed range. As dynamic high-performance products, MAN engines impress with a high pulling power that brings you dependably comfortably to your destination and home again.

Compact Size – The small footprint of an MAN allows its optimal position on the boat, leading to better planing, easier maintenance and more room for other engine room components.


Light weight – Offering unbeatable power to weight ratio – another fuel saving measure and design bonus – the outstanding power without the addition of excess kilograms is another reason our customers love running an MAN.


Environment – MAN engines adhere to the highest environmental standards in the world, MAN engines are number one for their low impact on people and the world around them. Customers enjoy low noise, low fumes, low vibration and an ultra smooth ride, meaning better and safer working conditions and enjoyment.

Clean, quiet, smooth – Trusted the world over, MAN engines power commercial boats all over the world in the toughest of conditions. From trawlers to ferries, patrol boats and cray fishing, operators enjoy the benefits of MAN with a quiet confidence and satisfaction.


In Australia you will find MAN engines in essential passenger services such as the Manly and Sydney ferries all the way through to cray fishing and fishing charter vessels in remote WA. The engine of choice for WA and Queensland government Fisheries Departments. Customer satisfaction is extremely high.

You’ll also find MAN engines now used almost exclusively in Riveria boats, the gold standard in Australian pleasure craft.


A premium engine and an investment that pays itself off. No one regrets purchasing a MAN.

Diesel Engine range -

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Hybrid - Diesel/Battery/Electric.

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Dual Fuel Hydrogen - now available.

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D2676, aka i6

6 cylinder, in line
Bore 126mm
Stroke 166mm

Power rating

Light: 537-625 kW (730-850 hp)

Medium: 412-478 kW (560-650 hp)

Heavy: 221-368 kW (301-500 hp)




Bore 128mm

Stroke 157mm

Power rating

Light: 735-956 kW (1000-1300 hp)

Medium: 588-662 kW (800-900 hp)

Heavy: 500 kW (680 hp)


Bore 128 mm
Stroke 157 mm

Power rating

Light: 1029-1471 kW (1400-2000 hp)

Medium: 749-1066 kW (1019-1450  hp)

Heavy: 551-735 kW (749-1000 hp)

Engine range brochures available

Light Duty – for Pleasure boats or others, operating for less than 1000 hours per year. 

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Medium and Heavy Duty

Medium Duty – for Commercial and heavier users, between 1000-3000 hours annually.

Heavy Duty – over 3000 hours annually. Click here or image below.