Netherlands High Speed Pilot Tender

Netherlands High Speed Pilot Tender

The Netherlands’ Next Generation Shipyards (NG Shipyards) has delivered an aluminium, high-speed pilot tender to the Dutch Pilot Association (Nederlands Loodswezen).
Mira will be used for pilotage tasks in the harbours and coastal waters of the Netherlands, transporting Dutch pilots to big ships at sea to bring them safely and on schedule to their destinations in Dutch harbours.
The brand new Camarc-designed hull offers low resistance in combination with lower weight, making the ship very fuel-efficient, and provides effective maneuvering abilities.

According to NG Shipyard, the owner required a ship that was suitable for pilotage tasks with high safety levels, high speed, and low fuel consumption and emissions.

The owner wanted to replace older vessels with new designs and more efficient boats with less fuel consumption. It wanted to update its fleet to these new requirements in order to give the best service to their customers and reduce its carbon footprint.

Two MAN D-2862LE438B main engines are connected with carbon shafts and couplings to Hamilton HM571 water jets. With the factory-supplied SCR installation, the engines meet Tier 3 emission standards.

he propulsion system is over-specked, and the required speed can be achieved with reduced power. This results in over 25 per cent fuel savings.

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